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Give your students and staff a unique opportunity to step inside the animation industry. Opening up the world of Aardman Animations to universities and colleges around the world, our partnerships and memberships offer exclusive benefits including spots on our foundation courses, bespoke masterclasses and visits to our legendary studios in Bristol.

Partners receive:

A bespoke package, including but not limited to:

  • Exclusive Use of "Official Partner" Logo.
  • UK Based courses: Studio Visit with Masterclass.
  • Overseas equivalent: 3 x 1-hour Bespoke Events, Specific To Your Requirements.
  • Three 2-hour online Masterclass.
  • One 2-hour online Portfolio Crit .
  • 60 Seats on Any Of Our Foundations Courses.
  • Invitation to three Animation Days for up to 35 participants per Event.
  • Two Places on The Aardman Academy Lecturer Development Programme.
  • LinkedIn Post when you Join
  • Aardman Academy Website Listing with up to 200 Word Summary of Your Choice.
  • An Official Partners press pack.

Exclusive to:
  • Five UK and ten Overseas Partners  

 £16,500 (excl VAT) per year

Members receive:

  • Exclusive Use of Aardman Academy Member Logo.
  • UK Based courses: Bristol Aardman Studio Visit with 3 hour  Masterclass.
  • Overseas equivalent: 3 x 1 hour online bespoke events, specific to your requirements.
  • 1 2-hour online Masterclass.
  • 1 2-hour online Portfolio Crit.
  • 40 Seats on any of our Foundations Courses.
  • Invitation to 3 of our scheduled Animation Days for up to 25 participants per event.
  • LinkedIn post when you join
  • Aardman Academy website listing with up to 50-Word Summary.
  • Press Pack.
Exclusive to:
  • Seven UK and twelve overseas Members per year. 
 £13,000 (excl VAT) per year
Associates receive:

  • Approved use of Aardman Academy Associate label.
  • One 2-hour online Masterclass.
  • One 2-hour online Portfolio Crit.
  • 25 Seats on any of our Foundations Courses.
  • Invitation to 3 of our scheduled Animation Days for 12 participants per event.
  • LinkedIn post when you join
  • Aardman Academy Website Listing.
 £11,000 (excl VAT) per year

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Our partners and  members




The experimenta.l. animation lab at the Harry W. Bass Jr. School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology (BAHT) at the University of Texas at Dallas is now happy to partner with the Aardman Academy. 

Our lab is a space for creative research and critical practices in animation that welcomes the participation of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and national and international collaborators. We encourage experimentation via a variety of animation techniques, tools, and interfaces.

Opportunities related to our partnership with the Aardman Academy welcome and include students from our entire school through uniquely tailored events. Students from experimental animation and stop-motion classes will particularly benefit from personal feedback from professionals on the Aardman team. In our school, we believe that if you can imagine it, we can make it. Our lab and studio culture blends art, technology, design, engineering, science, and the humanities to create an environment rich with possibilities. 

Collaboration is the heart of our school and Animation & Games program, as exemplified in this exciting partnership with the Aardman Academy.



We are The Northern School of Art, a leading provider of specialist creative art and design courses in the north and one of the best in the UK. We are a creative community where we know students individually as creative professionals in training. That’s why we work so closely with industry partners like Aardman.

We offer creative courses (honours degrees and MAs) across our twin faculties, Visual Arts and Stage & Screen. Each course is supported by an Industry Liaison Group of professionals with impressive cvs, these are our Visiting Fellows and Associate Lecturers. Partners like this help us provide the highest quality of art, design and performance teaching, ensuring students are equipped for employment in the creative industries.

We make students feel welcome, accepted, and empowered as creative individuals, helping them to find their future career path and place in society. This is borne out by our high levels of student satisfaction – 91% in 2022, beating every general university in the country.

Our creative curriculum places our students’ personal development at the centre of their learning experience and is characterised by collaboration across subjects.

The Northern School of Art – creativity at its heart since 1874.


The BA(Hons) and MA Animation courses at UWE Bristol have built an international reputation for the award-winning films our students produce, and the careers they subsequently develop in the animation industry. Both courses are highly regarded. The BA(Hons) Animation course came 2nd in the Guardian’s University rankings (2022). Our MA Animation has 100% satisfaction in the Postgraduate Teaching Excellence Survey (2021, 2022) and is accredited by ScreenSkills, the industry-led skills body for the screen industries. We also run a ground-breaking Junior Animator apprenticeship with a range of employers, which is providing a different opportunity for new talent to enter industry.

Our course and graduate successes are built on strong foundations. All our courses offer students the opportunity to explore animation through imaginative project work, hands-on experience, and the critical study of animation. Our course team has extensive experience in the animation industry in Bristol and beyond. Our purpose-built animation and media studios provide industry standard facilities, enabling students to develop artistic and technical skills in a range of animation processes, including CG, 2D and stop-motion. Our connections to industry are central to our ambitious approach, notably our partnership with the Aardman Academy. We are delighted to be working with them.


We are delighted that the animation department at the University of Westminster has achieved partnership status with the Aardman Academy.

Stop frame animation has always been a key ingredient of our animation degree, and this new relationship will offer our students much greater insights into professional practice.

Our degree in animation production attracts a very diverse group of creative people from across the world, and so we like to start everyone off by learning the fundamental principles. We have found that hand-made animation processes, such as stop-frame, are much more immediate, intuitive, and above all fun, so all of our students begin with these traditional approaches.

Quite a few of them fall in love with stop frame, and we are fortunate to have the staff, skills and studios to support them with more ambitious projects as they progress with us. Please visit our website to take a look at some of the amazing work that our students have created.

We are all extremely excited to see how our course will now develop, with the generous support of Aardman Academy.


The students and staff of the Animation Department at Edinburgh College of Art are very excited to be embarking upon this partnership with the Aardman Academy. Our teaching ethos, developed and refined over more than 30 years working with animation students, embraces diversity in method, content, and our cohort. These are qualities we recognise in most of the studios that our students and staff admire, but really are at the forefront of what Aardman does.

As a department we are equally invested in the classical, physical methods of animation and in the bleeding edge of digital processes. We try to ensure an understanding in our students, and wider audiences too, that these two schools of practice should never be seen as mutually exclusive or somehow irreconcilable, if it moves well, and moves an audience too then it’s “good” animation! We are very proud of our alumni, some of whom have gone on to great success at Aardman, and grateful too for their recommendation to the Academy.

We hope that this is one tradition we can continue to build upon.

Animation course students and staff at Sheffield Hallam University are proud, excited, and honoured to be partnering with the Aardman Academy.

Our BA Animation course is founded on the principle of giving students the chance to understand animation from the perspective of three animation disciplines including: 2D, Stop Motion, and 3D animation. Combining practice in these three areas, along with theoretical study enable students to align themselves to a unique area of animation that truly resonates with them.

Our two MA Animation courses then offer further study in either computer animation or 2D and Stop Motion animation, the latter with a focus on an experimental approach.

Our animation course staff ensure diversity and accessibility is at the core of what we do, so that every voice has a creative space to be heard. Our course graduates demonstrate the vast array of creative industry sectors that our students can aspire to.

This wonderful partnership offers our students further industry insight, enabling them to develop further and broaden our approach to animation. Through this, we offer our students opportunity to become the future of the animation industry.

School of Visual Arts has been a leader in the education of artists, designers and creative professionals for seven decades.

With a faculty of distinguished working professionals, a dynamic curriculum and an emphasis on critical thinking, SVA is a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility.

Comprising 7,000 students at its Manhattan campus and more than 41,000 alumni from 128 countries, SVA also represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world.  

The Salford School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology is a dynamic creative hub offering interdisciplinary programmes in the arts, media, and humanities.

Here, the next generation of content makers are trained, inspired, and connected with the industries they will work in now and in the future.