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Our Partnership Programme is now open to academic institutions and animation schools globally.

This partnership unlocks a suite of benefits aimed at supporting students and academic staff, through delivering animation training online and in person, providing portfolio feedback, exclusive marketing material and a suite of masterclasses and events. All sessions devised and delivered by award - winning Aardman talent!

Chose between three tiers; Partners, Members and Associates as outlined below. 

This programme enables the Aardman Academy to build a deeper relationship with universities, leading to meaningful two-way conversation between academia and the animation industry.

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Partners receive:

A bespoke package, including but not limited to:

  • Exclusive Use of "Official Partner" Logo.
  • UK Based courses: Studio Visit with Masterclass.
  • Overseas equivalent: 3 x 1-hour Bespoke Events, Specific To Your Requirements.
  • Three 2-hour online Masterclass.
  • One 2-hour online Portfolio Crit .
  • 60 Seats on Any Of Our Foundations Courses.
  • Invitation to three Animation Days for up to 35 participants per Event.
  • Two Places on The Aardman Academy Lecturer Development Programme.
  • LinkedIn Post when you Join
  • Aardman Academy Website Listing with up to 200 Word Summary of Your Choice.
  • An Official Partners press pack.

Exclusive to:
  • Five UK and ten Overseas Partners 

£15,000 (excl. VAT) per year

Members receive:

  • Exclusive Use of Aardman Academy Member Logo.
  • UK Based courses: Bristol Aardman Studio Visit with 3 hour  Masterclass.
  • Overseas equivalent: 3 x 1 hour online bespoke events, specific to your requirements.
  • 1 2-hour online Masterclass.
  • 1 2-hour online Portfolio Crit.
  • 40 Seats on any of our Foundations Courses.
  • Invitation to 3 of our scheduled Animation Days for up to 25 participants per event.
  • LinkedIn post when you join
  • Aardman Academy website listing with up to 50-Word Summary.
  • Press Pack.
Exclusive to:
  • Seven UK and twelve overseas Members per year. 
£12,000 (excl. VAT) per year
Associates receive:

  • Approved use of Aardman Academy Associate label.
  • One 2-hour online Masterclass.
  • One 2-hour online Portfolio Crit.
  • 25 Seats on any of our Foundations Courses.
  • Invitation to 3 of our scheduled Animation Days for 12 participants per event.
  • LinkedIn post when you join
  • Aardman Academy Website Listing.
£10,000 (excl. VAT) per year

 Our Partners

We are proud to be partnered with the following organisations. Get in touch now to enquire about joining our growing network of Partners, Members and Associates across the globe.

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The Northern School of Art

We are The Northern School of Art, a leading provider of specialist creative art and design courses in the north and one of the best in the UK. We are a creative community where we know students individually as creative professionals in training. That’s why we work so closely with industry partners like Aardman.

We offer creative courses (honours degrees and MAs) across our twin faculties, Visual Arts and Stage & Screen. Each course is supported by an Industry Liaison Group of professionals with impressive cvs, these are our Visiting Fellows and Associate Lecturers. Partners like this help us provide the highest quality of art, design and performance teaching, ensuring students are equipped for employment in the creative industries.

We make students feel welcome, accepted, and empowered as creative individuals, helping them to find their future career path and place in society. This is borne out by our high levels of student satisfaction – 91% in 2022, beating every general university in the country.

Our creative curriculum places our students’ personal development at the centre of their learning experience and is characterised by collaboration across subjects.

The Northern School of Art – creativity at its heart since 1874.

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Get in touch at [email protected]