Craft your story

Bring your story to life in the iconic Aardman studios.

From Morph to Chicken Run, we’ve been crafting world-renowned stories since 1976 and training world-class animators since 2000.

Our courses are all taught by Aardman staff with up-to-the-minute industry expertise and are supported by the team here at the Aardman Academy.

We’ve built a community of animators, directors, writers, model-makers and more who are moulding the future of animation, and we’d love you to join us.

Independent, animation education.


You can watch a million video tutorials, but there’s nothing like learning live from experts. All Academy tutors and mentors work at the forefront of animation, with years - decades - of experience under their belts.

We prefer practice over theory so, there are no exams to sit or essays to write. You get to spend every minute you invest learning and practising practical animation skills, honing your storytelling craft and working on your own projects.

We aren’t a university - we don’t hand out degrees here. What you will get is real animation experience, current, leading industry knowledge, and the opportunity to connect with a wider, supportive animation community.

Nothing’s academic. Everything’s practical.




The Aardman Academy was born out of the Aardman Studio, from a need to meet the ambitious scale of the Chicken Run movie.

Today, it remains an integral part of the business and represents the inclusive ethos and ambition of the studio.

Like stop motion animation, we know that if something’s worth doing it’s worth taking the time. We’re genuinely invested in your and our students. You have to be. Nurturing talent takes dedication. We partner with like-minded institutions around the world to deliver genuine insight into our studio and industry.

It’s got our fingerprints on it.



Bespoke Events

From humble beginnings on a kitchen table way back in ‘76, to today, a world famous studio, we’re still 100% independent and employee-owned. Shaping our own future. Accountable to each other. And our passion for storytelling.

Yes, what we do is niche, but we want to make it open to everyone. We can create flexible bespoke courses for your business or organisation, to fit your needs, wherever you are in the world.

We know no two creatives are the same. We won’t try and fit you or your clients into a mould. We celebrate and encourage individuality, and we’ll be there to help you make your vision a reality. 

Exclusively open to everyone.


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