Industry Training:
Lecturer Development Programme

The aim of the Aardman Academy Lecturer Development Programme is to bridge the gap between industry and education through meaningful and supportive dialogue between academics, advisors, technical demonstrators and educational institutions and the animation industry and our internationally renowned Aardman professionals.


The course is in-person at our Gas Ferry Road studios in Bristol


Course Dates:
6th-7th November 2023

Only 16 places available.

 Price: £900 (Including lunch and refeshments)

Location: Aardman Animation, Gas Ferry Road, Bristol, BS1 6UN.

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Course Aim

The intensive two-day programme aims to enhance your teaching practices and encourage vital skills development through a series of in-person and hands-on masterclasses and interactive workshops, exploring a variety of practical animation production skills, delivered under the supervision and guidance from the very best Aardman practitioners across key areas of production.

The Lecturer Development Programme offers a chance for academics and technicians to come together to test and inform their teaching practises from an industry-relevant perspective - gaining understanding of the industry eco-system, aiding insight of key areas such as careers and employability for their students as well as to develop their own professional hands-on skills within a community of like-minded practitioners.

The programme structure is designed to allow us to curate course content around the needs of the attending participants and course group, with an opportunity for you to tell us what you would like to focus on - making aspects of the programme content tailored to your critical teaching needs, be it technical or practical.

This allows us to create memorable and bespoke experiences that recognise the evolving nature and demands of both education and industry.

Course Ethos

With no more than 16 participants per course, the programme is intended to be a personal and interactive discussion and reflection amongst peers; all working together to achieve the same goal.

We believe that good practice should be shared and a defining element of the Lecturer Development Programme is that it is not a ‘one-way’ course, where we simply tell you “what we want”… we believe this to be a two-way process that helps lecturers and industry reflect upon areas of good practice through a programme designed to encourage avenues of growth and skills development that can benefit both education and industry.

Through the course we aim to facilitate the beginnings of a community of like-minded lecturers who are looking for an on-going dialogue with leading industry professionals and peers with a desire to develop their own teaching and practice-based research and development.

The course is scheduled around a UK time zone (approx. 10am-5pm on both days)

Who is the course for

The Aardman Academy’s Lecturer Development Programme is designed for anyone working in a Higher Education or Further Education Institution – with a student facing role on an animation related programme of study.

This might include Lecturers, Researchers, Educators, Technicians, Technical Demonstrators or Advisors.

If you are not sure if the course is right for you, feel free to discuss suitability with us by contacting [email protected]

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