Stories Are Made, Not Just Told.

Come make your story with us.

A 28-week, in-person course taught entirely by Aardman's leading talent in scriptwriting, story, pre-production, art department, modelmaking, and direction, delivered from Aardman’s world-famous Gas Ferry Road Studios in Bristol, UK.

Fully supported and mentored through all stages of short film development and production. We want to help you to tell your story your own way. This is a unique course that supports your unique voice.

Four weeks of script and development at your home, then an intensive six months at Aardman, making the studio your own.

Designed for creatives in stop motion wanting to study alongside the best stop motion studio, animators, writers, modelmakers and creatives worldwide. This is unlike any other extensive training available in the world.

Nothing’s academic. Everything’s practical.

In-Studio Stop Motion is delivered from Aardman's fast-paced and vibrant production studios on Gas Ferry Road in Bristol, UK, where Aardman has made its home for over 25 years.

A place for you to truly thrive in a community of like-minded creatives. Our canteen is wonderful too.

Exclusively open to everyone.

Course Structure and Weekly Breakdown

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Important Dates

APPLICATIONS CLOSED: November 2024 to June 2025


2024-2025 Application Process

Applications Open: Now

Application Deadline: May 31st 2024

Interviews Start: June 17th 2024

Places Offered: July 19th 2024

Final Course Fees Paid by October 25th 2024



Mentors & Teachers

in 2023-2024 so far


In-Studio Producer

Vanessa Batten

Vanessa will be supporting you every step of the way. She will run and arrange all your masterclasses and sessions, plus help you plan and hit your schedule.

Script & Story Tutor

Sam Morrison

Writer of Hey Duggee, Peppa Pig, Robin Robin, Shaun The Sheep, Star Wars "I Am Your Mother" to name but a few, Sam will help you find the best version of the story you want to tell.

Directing Tutor

Suzie Templeton

OSCAR¬ģ¬†winning animation director of 'Peter & The Wolf'.¬† Suzie will be here to help you navigate the art of directing, and support you throughout the course.


Model Making Tutor

Jim Parkyn

Jim's extensive experience will lead the model making stage of the course, supporting everything you take on set. He will support your character creations in all pre-production phases.


Directing Tutor

Magda Osinska

Magda is a key Aardman director and has most recently directed Star Wars Visions ' I Am Your Mother'. She will be mentoring you on how to pitch your ideas and create a dynamic story. 


Cinematography Tutor

David Sproxton

David has overseen the development of Aardman from a two-man partnership to one of the most prominent animation studios in the industry. He will be sharing his wealth of expertise on how to create cinematic worlds for your project.


Stop Motion Tutor

Andy Symanowski

Andy will be joining the course twice a week during the Stop Motion Training phase of the course. He will mentor, set tasks and help develop your skills alongside your story.


Production Design Tutor

Darren Dubicki

Darren Dubicki is an Aardman director and the production designer of 'Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget '. Darren will be taking you through the process conceptualising your design ideas, and building believable worlds for your characters.

Pixar Lecturer

Jessica Heidt

Jessica Heidt will be a guest lecturer during the story & script stage.  She will be giving an insight into storytelling at Pixar and broadening your views on gender & representation in animation.


Character Design Lecturer

Felicie Haymoz

Felicie Haymoz created the character designs for Wes Andersons ' Fantastic Mr. Fox' and ' Isle of Dogs', and has also worked with Aardman on Star Wars Visions ' I Am Your Mother'.  Felicie will give you an insight into designing for stop motion animation, and help you get the best from your characters. 

Storyboarding Masterclass

Jay Clarke

Jay came in to support give a masterclass on storyboarding and to support the process of turning your script into a workable and dynamic film world and shooting plan. Jay is both aard artist at Aardman, and Wes Anderson's go-to story artist.

Costume Tutor

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas has worked as a costume designer on many high profile stop-motion productions, including; Fantastic Mr Fox, Pinocchio, Corpse bride and The Clangers. Amanda will be guiding you through costume making workshops, and advising you on the construction of your individual puppet costumes.


Production Assistant

Amy Upchurch

Amy will be with you for your entire time on the course at the Aardman Academy. She will be on hand to resolve any of your production issues.


Head of the Aardman Academy

Mark Simon Hewis

Mark heads up the Aardman Academy and will be on-site each week, offering support with your projects for the entirety of the course.

Selection Panel

Will Becher

Will played a vital role in the development of the course. He will be part of the team running interviews, reading applications and a member of the selection panel.






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If you have any questions about the course, please contact us at [email protected]

Applications are now CLOSED for November 2024 course.
Deadline was 31st May 2024.
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