About the Aardman Academy

A bit of history

We’re an employee-owned company, so there are no shareholders, and therefore profits are focussed on supporting employees and the industry. Some of this goes to the Aardman Academy, a key vehicle in driving greater diversity in our industries.

A version of the Aardman Academy has existed since we created the very first Chicken Run movie. With the need for more animators to help create what would become the highest-grossing stop motion animated film in history, we set about using our animators, directors and creatives to train the future of our company and the industry. A version of that course still exists today in Stop Motion 1 and Stop Motion 2, with a huge number of Aardman Academy graduates now being leading directors, animators and creatives within Aardman and around the world.

Many graduates of those courses are now mentors and teachers at the Aardman Academy, alongside productions on the studio floor. For this reason, many of our mentor meetings take place during lunchtime from our latest productions.

Since those early days of the Aardman Academy, we have diversified in the skills and roles we help to train and develop externally while continuing to cover our in-house training, support and upskilling.

This all takes place in our home next door to Studio 1 at our famous Gas Ferry Road studios in Bristol.



How we help

We are a team of Aardman Directors, Producers, Creatives and Educators with a long track record of working on industry-leading productions and teaching at the world's top film schools and universities. We’re committed to encouraging talent into the industry by delivering world-class animated-related courses. Whether you’re a professional with an established career or beginning to find your way into the industry, our industry focussed courses offer support, guidance, teaching and mentorships and are devised and run by experienced animation professionals with a track record for world-leading excellence in their chosen field.

We want to help anyone looking to push their potential, knowledge and career.



Why we help

In the film and TV industry, over 80% of all jobs are awarded to friends, family or colleagues, and we want to change that. The Aardman Academy offers outstanding courses and skills-development programs at a price that opens up a career in our industry to everyone. After every course, each participant is invited to join our active alumni where we share opportunities, jobs, and support.

We care about making our industry inclusive, supportive and incredible.

Aardman is employee-owned and exists for the benefit of its workforce and the industry we’re passionate about. Our strong set of values sits at the heart of all that we do.

The Aardman Academy nurtures talent and builds sustainable careers and is a not-for-profit enterprise.




Contact us with any general inquiries[email protected]